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Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"


as much as i loved the old ones, this one is by far the best!!!!! <3
the medals, the charecters having stats, and the super increased dificulty to get charecters later on in the game are amazing.
dont pick up the key at first, wait till u get the starman powerup for beating the 8th world, then go threw quickly using the wistle to the last leval of each world, switch to star man and use it. Points do not do anything. if they do, im unawair at this fact.
to get up to the 8th world easly, get the flute, and use it as much as posible, it skips boss fights, expecialy the crazy ones like where bowsers has a cape and spits bubbles :S

so, great game, thanks for playing it, and now, ima finish up my english essay and goto bed, good night!


I imagine this to be the Reflex game equivalent of I Wanna Be the Guy. It was super fantastic and made me glaze my eyes in a zen haze pretty much the entire time in order to complete it properly. About 3 levels in I told myself abilities were "4 suckaz" and went for score whore mode all the way, but in the end I was disappointed there was no high score feature: or even any super definite way to tell what my score was on each distinct level (that I could tell upon immediate completion).

I was really looking forward to completing the game and taking a look at how I did compared to other people, but without some sort of high score function I have no real idea. How else am I supposed to show off how huge my bob-ombs are if no one can ever look at my score in game compared to their own eh? It kind of puts a dent in the challenge gamer's enjoyment.

This score of 1,476,700 isn't going to advertise itself you know!

9/11 is done by bullet bill confirme


One of the greatest games created by Psycosis91 indeed

man playing with the awesome guy is pretty chill, and you get to pay attention more at stuff.