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Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"

I am super impressed!

Awesome game, awesome gameplay, awesome game stuff! Loved it!

p.s. Any chance you'll make medals for creating and customising levels and for other users playing in your levels and favouriting them and rating them good?


with practice all is possible, even defeating bowser with the key (ok, i did it with michael jackson´s hat) but just like Umburns says, dont give up

my favorite characters: michael jackson´s hat, nyan cat and pidget bill
my favorite abilities: stop watch, lightning and starman


Fantastically addictive, sometimes challenging (frustrating), gameplay- which is good, kept me focused on winning. Music fits well into the eratic/spontaneous gameplay. Not many flaws as i can see. I see why this is on the front page, good work.

I love this game!

I really like this.

Also a big + for the music!


Nice game! Here is my level.

FLY FLY FLY: 1///3[//6]/8!5/7!16!2/a27*1//5ca25ca2 8ca35ca38c/6c7c8ca17c///a1+//////a10z /a1+//a21z/a1+//a22z/a3+//a33z/a2+//a 24z/a2+//a25z/a1+//a26z/a1+//a27z/a2+
//a18z/a2+//a19z//2ca13ca24ca39ca38ca 37ca36ca35c/9c8c7c6c5ca14ca23ca32c//a 13ca14ca15ca16ca17ca18ca28ca23ca38ca3 3c/8c3ca18ca17ca13ca28ca27ca26ca25ca2 4ca23c///a37ca36ca35ca34ca33c/8ca18ca 28ca38c/8ca13ca14ca15ca16ca17c//a33c/
4ca15ca26ca37c/6ca15ca24ca33c/4ca15ca 26ca37c/6ca15ca24c/a27ca26ca25ca24ca3 4ca37c/4c7ca14ca15ca16ca17c//a13ca14c a15ca16ca17ca24ca35c/6ca13ca14ca15ca1 6ca17c

This level is basically a boss rush.