Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"


Sorry this got old after the first one. Not only that, but I can't even damage the final boss. Even when he is spitting fireballs I can't hit him without dying. He moves so fast that by the time you see an opportunity it's already gone. I couldn't believe all the other bosses were so piss easy, but the final boss was such a pain. I'd slow him down considerably, or at least give him a pattern like the other bosses. You have to do a lot of guessing on him. Also, I can't change abilities. What's the point of unlocking them if you can't use them. Do you people even test your games before submitting them? Beyond that, nothing else besides what has already been mentioned.

Very entertaining and fun 5 & 10

And for the people complaining about the screen size: zoom in the webpage to zoom in the screen :D (CTRL +)

Same here

I agree with the last guy. You should either add in a capture mouse feature or full screen ability. It sucks to keep dying from loss of character control due to moving the mouse past the edge of the game. Either of the 2 suggested options would completely solve this.


I am tired of these mouse games that don't have a capture mouse feature. Most of my deaths are caused by my mouse going off the screen. Since this is such a fast paced game, perhaps a mouse capture would be helpful, hmm? I enjoy the game, but this I am just frustrated at how often I am dying from the mouse going off the screen.

Major Awesome.

I loved the previous Bullet Bill game, and this one is just pure niceness.
All new characters bosses and secret levels, And the addition of AWESOME music.
The first boss was a 'little hard to beat while having those phantom guys around,
but i pulled through eventually.

Also, I LOVED the music in the secret note block stage.. haha, and getting Nyan Cat
as a playable character is great! Well, i'm back to playing this awesome game. Cya!