Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"

the last boss

the last boss was a NIGHTMARE!!! bowser was very fast! so fast that its hard to attack! if any of you never fight the last boss you have no idea REPEAT no idea!


This game is awsome.Period.The end.And also you shuld make a bullet bill 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 games too!And i must say you made a great choice of things.Instructions,Level creator,options and a lot of other stuff too!!!

Arghh my eyes!!

it's was okay, the fast pace kept you on your toes and reaction times were sometimes insnae to try and keep a hold of. i found myself really having to focus my eyes on the screen to avoid getting hit or hitting most objects. That was until level 4-2 when I hit one of the flying puff balls and was greeted with a mini eye beating. People below already commented on Phanto's homing so I won't say more then that I was surprised when my stopwatch didn't slow him down but did everything else. all all in all it's a okay game, the soundtrack was nice but the levels were short that if you did good in them you didn't hear much of it.

Fun, hard, and full of surprises!

Easy enough to beat if you use the pause button to your advantage (Not gonna say more). Those mask things were hard to dodge, the opening animations for each character were cool. Didn't unlock all of 'em, but the megaman one was pretty funny. My three favorite abilities are the whistle, ghost, and red potion. I don't usually play/enjoy this type of game. It kept me enthralled.

i loved it

i probably woulda raged if it wasnt for the soundtrack any chance in releasing it...