Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"

Pretty damn good.

I've been playing this game everyday for about 3-4 days now and I'm tempted to do a let's play of it. if I get the chance, I will. You did a good job making the game fun.

For Phantos, yes he is a bitch to dodge, yes he makes boss fights a lot harder, but if I can beat Wendy Koopa while dodging it (and mind you, my reflexes suck) then it can't be THAT hard. It's really just a matter of passing it before it has a chance to lock on. On later levels though, when you don't get the check point before the key, it really just becomes too difficult to accomplish for the average player unless they abuse the boo power up or the pause trick. I would really suggest working on how you curve the difficulty, because it seems in that while most the game the levels are relatively simple and can be accomplished after a few trials and errors, there are suddenly insta-kill levels in which you either have to have cat like reflex or utilize the cheaper abilities.

Level editor works really well though if there were more obstacles and enemies available to choose form that'd be great too. Just something to think about. Also there should probably be some kind of sharing system aside from copy paste your code and post it here, maybe like a forum or something. If it exists already, never mind. I just thought I'd suggest it since all that's happening here is they're getting voted useless and being pushed further into the review pages.

Music was great, graphics gave it that nostalgic feeling honestly, It's a good game and I'm probably going to be playing it for a few more days to come.


no real flaws in this. I love the level designer, here's mine:
DIE: 2//a27(a36(/8(a17(a31>/a24>/a12>a38?2 /4>a18!6/6>/a12!1a14!1a13!1a15!1a18!1 a17!1a16!1a32p/7(6na14p/a26ca20ta35ca 37c/6c0ta16ca26ca20ta35ca37c/6c0ta30b 1a32b1a31b1a34b1a33b1a35b1a36b1a37b1a 38b1a39b1//a35*1//2pa15pa25pa37{/6ka1 3p//3da13da14da12da23da31da32da35da34 da33d/3da13da32v/2va12v/a36}/a35u6a34 u3a33u3a36?6/a23!3a24!3///a17[a26y/a3 0t/a10ta30t/a10ta30t/a10t/7[6ha16ha22 pa31p/7[6ma13ia36n/a13pa26[a25ha32>a3 5n/5na15ka26[a22pa25ma35m/1>4p5ga15ha 33>


The same levels from the most classic Mario game from Bullet Bill's perspective. A genius idea. Original and fun.

*Fast-paced intensity
*Cool powerups
*Classic references
*Infinite lives

To take a bullet and make it fight a boss is so unique and fun!

With infinite lives and short levels, it is not a frustrating game whilst still being fun and addictive.

I RARELY give out tens, but they were not exactly any flaws, so 10/10 5/5

5/5 10/10

perfect . I love it !!!


It took me half an hour to take down the first boss with that mask.
And @ Vegeta0is0gangsta it's kanye west with homecoming.