Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"


you prot the boss in boss

Simple, hard, but yet so much fun

Yeah I just told everything on the title.
The game is fun, so many unlockables, so much replayability, this game is near perfection, the only detail is the dificulty... sooo hard. This is a game you can easily understand, and is very adictive although is not intented for easy-rage-quit people. It will take a while for you to master it, even on the first level/boss. 9/10 and 4/5 for the dificulty.

And that phantom!!! Oh man... is there a harder way? XD


The game was fantastic. But what can I do to get that sweet ass soundtrack?!


I love this game, its very nicely made with smooth animations. and cool remixed original Super Mario music. (+nyan cat references) 10/10 (=


It's a lot of fun but what really bugged me was that there never seemed to be a readable pattern to the bosses attacks. Other than that it was fun.