Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"

Sucks you in

This is very good. The music is a very unique mix of the classic mario themes and modern electonica. I wish the phanto sections were a bit easier though. THe whole game is a load of fun.

holy FUCK!

the first fucking boss! what the FUCK?!


This game is JUST AWESOME!!! Unique!!!... Really, really good... I have no much words to describe how I felt playing this... I just have to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! You really revived Nintendo's escence... The music, the graphics, Bowser and his underlings... The difficulty level is just amazing... I wish Nintendo releases hard games like this!!! Very, very nice!!! Thank you so much for giving us this jewel!


Better than the last ones by a mile. The only real problem is how easy things are compared to the phanto challenges.


The game is wonderfully made, and I sincerely do appreciate the kind of work it takes to make a game of such style.

However, there are some problems with the gameplay that need to be addressed.

A lot of the game becomes pretty trial-and-error, and that can become a little frustrating when you have to rely on dying just to see which obstacles are coming. It got a little more frustrating by World 4-1 when the balloons began flat-out deceiving you (telling you to go up where obstacles are blocking).

I found myself becoming agitated and unwilling to keep playing by World 4-2, but I did for the sake of the review.