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Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"

thumbs up!

jammin tunes
retro graphics
awesome game play
all toghether = a realy addictive game (O_O)
this has to be the best in the bullet bill series


This game is hard. That's the plain and simple of it. But it's a nice challenge at least. Though I don't like how Phanto can hide behind objects, like the ship the Koopa Kids are hiding on, that's really a dick move, when you can't see where he's coming from for a bit. I spent like an hour on Wendy alone from how annoying it was, and NO, I couldn't just leave the key behind. It's a good game though, the music is really good, I haven't even gotten to other characters and the like, but it is a very well made game from all I have played.


Everything you'd expect from this wily Scottish kid. Great job man. It's been too long, but I thought I'd drop by for ol' time's sake :)

I am super impressed!

Awesome game, awesome gameplay, awesome game stuff! Loved it!

p.s. Any chance you'll make medals for creating and customising levels and for other users playing in your levels and favouriting them and rating them good?

Wow, fresh out of the portal too. :)

I was ecstatic to see you made another Bullet Bill, everything seems even better this time. More features/customization and graphics are a plus. Good job.