Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"

I am super impressed!

Awesome game, awesome gameplay, awesome game stuff! Loved it!

p.s. Any chance you'll make medals for creating and customising levels and for other users playing in your levels and favouriting them and rating them good?

Wow, fresh out of the portal too. :)

I was ecstatic to see you made another Bullet Bill, everything seems even better this time. More features/customization and graphics are a plus. Good job.

Ok OK but....

You shoudnt do the first boos hard like that cmon it will make players ragequit the game its impossiiibrruuuuu.

Very good sidescroller

Lots of content in this game, and enjoyed the addition of a level editor.

The game is...AMAZING!

I cannot help but say your game is incredible. I have already made 3 custom levels JUST to test out the physics...the game itself is better than the previous two, but the abilities and in-game medals make it the best game I've seen on Newgrounds in a while.