Reviews for "Mushroom Madness 3"

great game but funny!!XD

i played this and i had a theory to try out i went to sleep and woke up like 4 hrs later to find out that i had a substantial amount of money. i then chuckled to my self.Multiple upgrades later i had everything if u want money the best way to get it is have auto attack and do animal crossing and make sure the weapon is attacking the animals and just w8 time is the essence for this to work try it out

good day,

Great game, has a sweet bug

This is a great game. Although the mechanics of the game are simple and the difficulty is pretty much easy it is just great to stay for hours bashing the poor animals :P

Anyways, I have to report a bug, as I already got all the NG medals, even when I only completed 19 in-game achievements. But it's OK this way, you don't need to correct it :P

it is how it's supposed

Bunny: "This army guy is shooting at everything that moves with a granade launcher and unlimited ammo. I should try to steal his mushrooms!"
Me: "Oh a cute little bunny :)" *nukes it (multiple times)


At first i had my doubts but I love this game. once u unlock animal rush & ur money rate is max, make ur way to level 9 & you'll walk away with over 20k

this is one awesome game. i got all the medals for this game. the medals are nice. keep up the awesome work