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Reviews for "Mushroom Madness 3"


At first i had my doubts but I love this game. once u unlock animal rush & ur money rate is max, make ur way to level 9 & you'll walk away with over 20k


To say the least, it's one of those games that can keep you entertained for a good 1, 2 or even 3 hours until you get all the medals. Even though it was quite sad that you don't have anything to spend the 300k money after you have bought everything.

Maybe include some extras that cost something like 50k money each? Like deleted levels, from where you had the idea from and why, small things that aren't necessary but that would be interesting.

Overall, great game.

it is how it's supposed

Bunny: "This army guy is shooting at everything that moves with a granade launcher and unlimited ammo. I should try to steal his mushrooms!"
Me: "Oh a cute little bunny :)" *nukes it (multiple times)


This is one of the longest sittings I've had for a game. The worst thing is that it probably wasn't even the best in the series! Then again, it's still great to play and I"m glad I went through it. I think the strongest point of this is probably the good graphics. Each of the animals that are coming for you just look so amazingly ridiculous with their big old googly eyes. It's even better when you get to shoot these things to kingdom come!

It's just great to have such a wide variety of weapons at your disposal. My favorite is probably the gattling gun. It's weird to play a game where you don't really show yourself in the game, but rather they show you simply using weapons. It's a great idea. It took me awhile before I found out that you could even upgrade your weapon!

so addicting

really enjoying the game and all the awesome modes
best thing about it is how simple it really is, great job :D