Reviews for "Mushroom Madness 3"

so addicting

really enjoying the game and all the awesome modes
best thing about it is how simple it really is, great job :D

Great game, has a sweet bug

This is a great game. Although the mechanics of the game are simple and the difficulty is pretty much easy it is just great to stay for hours bashing the poor animals :P

Anyways, I have to report a bug, as I already got all the NG medals, even when I only completed 19 in-game achievements. But it's OK this way, you don't need to correct it :P

great game but funny!!XD

i played this and i had a theory to try out i went to sleep and woke up like 4 hrs later to find out that i had a substantial amount of money. i then chuckled to my self.Multiple upgrades later i had everything if u want money the best way to get it is have auto attack and do animal crossing and make sure the weapon is attacking the animals and just w8 time is the essence for this to work try it out

good day,

A ton of fun that gets slightly repetitive

There is no doubt this game has a lot to offer, with all the different game modes, and a huge number of levels and achievements. It is sometimes a bit hard to pass a level, but when you start making money, it becomes much easier, and with it, a bit repetitive. The main adventure mode is the only one that genuinely caught my interest, as any other mode seemed to be having a lot of same levels.

The art is child-like, which some people might like, some not. I personally thought it was quite OK, but, as I said, it is child like, which I do not prefer.

The music is nice, but just like the gameplay, it is too repetitive.

All in all, it is quite fun and addicting, but the replay value is close to none - then again, I guess that is normal with level and upgrade games. Nice game to spend a dull afternoon, that is for sure! :)

Brilliant, Addicting...and a little easy.

Good, clean, fun game. However, I found it a little easy, even with a slow laptop w/ touch pad. The tower defense-like mode is a nice twist to the game...however I managed to see the hedgehog king there before seeing it in the tutorial modes. Imagine my shock when I saw you can't slow it down, and I get three lines full of the damn thing.

After getting the random gun and infinite ammo...which I got a little too early for me to call "An overpowered reward to finish the game off", it was really just too easy, too early. To give you an idea...I didn't grind the levels, only replayed them until I got 3 stars, then moved on. I got those upgrades before I went back to the tutorial levels. Suffice to say, I was bored.

The fact I kept playing though is testament to how addictive you've made the game. The graphics and models were good, the music is quite good and non-obstructive. Overall, the game was very good...but it got too easy too quickly for me..I didn't even bother with the other upgrades at first because all I needed was the auto-attack upgrade.