Reviews for "Jurassic Tard"

Oh that was

Just what I needed XD
Oh that would have been the funniest thing ever, if it was some kind of "lost endnig" ;)

Yep, saw that coming. :)

The only way to stop an out of control robo-T-Rex, is with Godzilla. Then when Godzilla goes crazy, you bring in robo-godzilla to defeat him! Then when robo-godzilla rampages all over the place, you....uh.....fuck I don't know, drop the moon on him or something. Case closed!

-liked the crazy style and facial features, funny stuff!-

"Shhh you'll Spoil it"

Fantastic! the triceratops scene is just classic.

man this is good!

:trolldad: trolldad approved!

"shh..... well just have to stay together"