Reviews for "Jurassic Tard"


10 stars for the triceratos drop kick

nevarky responds:

Awww man, you don't know how that makes me feel, really... glad you dig it.

Hey comick...

LIpsync my nuts this is PERFECT 'nice animation,great colors, Epic lipsync;D and funny jokes 10/10 5/5 keep the great work mate :D

Loved It!

Just the fact that you made a flash about my favorite movie is automatic 10, lol. But the animation was awesome. That dino robot should have been in the real movie. It would have been epic.

So many tropes so little time....sigh

Although you invested a good amount of work in keeping clean and well colored characters, the main issue I had with this cartoon was the animation...or lack of it actually. And any animation that was incorporated was recycled or merely a camera pan. Here is a list of the parts I found could use improvement:

1. Lip-synching. 9 times out of the 10 the mouths did not match the words. You had maybe 4-6 stock mouths which went over in a loop or was used to fill in a space which comes off as lazy and cheap. The worst example was when he screamed "push it!" and his mouth opened wide then closed in one motion haha. The old guy probably had the bulk of the bad lip-synch, but that may have been since he talked the most in this cartoon. If you HAVE to use stock mouths, at least time them to the right number of syllables and use a mouth that matches it.

2. Static character spouting mouths off and goes from one pose to the other and becomes a still pose frame again. Sure it's a means to an end and some people who don't know how to animate use it as a crutch to pass the work as animation all the time... but I found it so annoying in this cartoon for the one reason that I saw that you really DO HAVE the skills to make a smooth and lovely animated cartoon...I could see it in the parts you really worked on, like the tiny second where two raptors run out of the bushes and vaporized. That part was wonderful and very well animated. They were fully in motion and they turned their heads and the painted background and vaporized effect was nice too. So when I see a scene like that juxtaposed with scenes that cop-out and use formulas and work arounds, I sigh because I know that as an animator you don't really care about it enough to invest or improve on the rest since you'll get praise anyways for a half-animated job. Hopefully you don't get into a rut and just "animate" like that all the time... like I said I saw you can actually animate a nice scene in here so please invest more practice and time in doing real movements and character acting beyond "use a stock funny face that only animates to get to the next face" shtick.

3. Have you considered doing something more original? Don't get me wrong I loved Jurassic park...back in 1993. But this video really had nothing to do with Jurassic park except use its characters as a mean of recognition to the audience...like "oh! I recall Jurassic park! I am comfortable with this material because I already know it!" But then it's really not about the park, it's a backdrop to make a robot dinosaur that destroys stuff and the rest is tired humor like taking old movie dialogue and using it for parody, making a rape joke, and oh look dead body "screeeeeam". I didn't want to jump to conclusions though that this is all the work you make so I did go to your page to see past work, and it was a Zelda parody so I'm again hit with the idea that you might not be interested in an original story...which in a shame since you have the skills to do that.

Anyways, sorry for the long review. I tend to try leaving reviews that help the artist see what can be improved structurally as well as conceptually; and I hope you can see this was not meant to be bashing but rather a broader realistic view into the processes that you are doing are kinda flat and unimaginative. Look at animators and short films that try to excel in the medium, push the medium, use it to tell stories and talk to an audience... not just entertain the masses and have them forget it the next second for the next bubblegum parody. You have excellent line work and there were parts that were fluid in the animation, and your attention to colors are really nice, and I bet if you were to sit down and really put down a story, you could make it shine. Anyways keep animating and good luck :)

Oh fyi, anyone watching this with internet explorer can see all the whites outside the scenes of the flash wherever you used the pan camera symbol (which is a lot in the beginning and during the triceratops punt)...I switched to chrome and it's not visible on there though.

nevarky responds:

Thanks for taking some time to make a review, I really appreciate it.

The issue I hear you talk about the most is quality, and I agree, this is not near to the best I can do, I'm still struggling on finding a way to make high quality animation but avoiding taking months to make it. I think quality is important, but at least for me, the more I take to make something the less likely I will finish it, but still, I don't want to sacrifice quality over production time, so again, I'm still looking for a way to have both. As for the lipsync I will be more careful about it, I would be lying if I say it doesn't give me my share of headaches.

Now for the idea, I do state I won't make a parody next, I know how cheap it can seem, but I came up with this idea, and I liked it, I honestly found it funny, so I decided to make it, if some else finds it funny that's great, but I don't want to start doing things for people, I like stupid humor, silly faces and random events, it's not all I like, or all I do, but it surely is what shines the most, you are however in your right to dislike this of course. I want to work on a series at some point, but I don't have a solid idea yet, nor do I have a solid animation system(as stated above), so I'm sort of taking this shorts to figure it out. There's not much information to figure me out yet, I was "dead" on newgrounds for 5 years, and have released only 2 animations since I came back, so I think it's a little early to say anything for sure.

Finally, Internet Explorer, as soon as I read you had problems with it, I tested the movie there, and it worked perfectly fine for me, so I don't know if it is an issue only you have, or maybe you need to update your flash player and/or java, but given flash's nature I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a random error. If you would please check your setting and try again and the PM, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again for the review, I can only hope you'll check my future work and see if there was improvement.

i like more than the movie

jajajajajaja cyber t rex