Reviews for "Jurassic Tard"

This won't last.

For such a genius piece of flash it'll be a flashpan sad to say. It was funny, intelligent totally devoid of blatant meme usage, save for shoopdawhoop. But considering the material it was appropriate.

Sadly everything that makes this a good flash will be why it won't be on the front page. More than likely. No cock jokes. No homoerotic undertones. Yea...

Don't let it hold you down though. This stuff is like, superbow commercial good. Easily.

I hope I don't give away anything, but...

I would have 5'd this even if it was just the last 5 seconds of the animation.


Fantastic flash. Watching that triceratops get punted was the highlight of my day


you'll spoil it xD

Really good, finally something that made me laugh!

It's been a little while since something on newgrounds actually made me laugh on newgrounds, that alone gives good points. The animation was decent, and most importantly, your style of humor was great. What's more dangerous than a T-Rex? A cybernetic T-Rex...THAT FIRES LAZERS! Only reason I didn't give it a 10 was because I thought the ending could've been done a tad bit better, and the voiceovers could've been improved a bit. The T-Rex blasting the parents with lazer beams or the child acting like a dimwit before frying himself on the wires would've been a good improvement, imo, but I'm not a scriptwriter, so I'll stop there. Good luck on your future projects!