Reviews for "Jurassic Tard"


-MAZING! Haha definitely top notch lols here worthy of 10/10s and 5's all around.
I love the crude facial expressions over the nicely drawn, colorful characters and backgrounds.
Good stuff here, I can't wait to see more of your future endeavors!

One thing I never understood...

Why would they use 10,000 volt fences for multi-ton reptilian beasts? That's the type of voltage used for livestock. Anyway, good flash, had me lol'ing and wtf'ing throughout. 10/10 5 voted.


perfect, her voice jokes and for some reason it never sat right with me that the kid didnt die in the film, it was 10,000 volts or something stupid like that :P


I love the voice of Dr.Sattler! "What are we gonna do mistah Hammond?"

:D Keep it up!


I was on my computer while watching tv, and the scene in Jurassic Park where she throws the switch came on when I saw this.