Reviews for "Go Avatar"

pretty pimp

love the originality!

rhys510 responds:

thanks man

good basic avatar thing

pretty good, i really have nothing else to save

rhys510 responds:

thanks :D


One of the better dress up games. There are a lot of choices, the drawings are quality, heck, even the music is decent, though it DOES get annoying after a while.

rhys510 responds:

yea its the first game with my music in it so.....
but there is a music button :)

ok I guess

It's ok but, you should of included at least some mini games for your avatar but, I do like your drawing style, and anthoer thing there should be an option for diffrent music because A: THE music just gets so boring after 3min. B: even if you turn IT off the music you get that empty atmosphere of lonelyness.

TIP FOR PLAYER: if YOU GET BORED OF THE MUSIC just plug in your mp3 or other music creating device and play that instead.

rhys510 responds:

thanks for telling me this stuff ... it helps :)