Reviews for "Go Avatar"


rhys510 responds:

i was working on the girls today - there coming soon :P

Great but one thing was missing. Facial hair. I wanted a beard.

rhys510 responds:

ah ... good point, im going to add that into the update :P

TOATALY LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPEACILY THE MUCIC!!!!!!

rhys510 responds:

THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well im not the biggest fan of dress-up games but I found this one interesting I would play it again i will play it again because i somehow liked it.Very very cool.

There are no things to improve just things to add. You know how it is more stuff more fun.

Big thanks for a good game everyone.

rhys510 responds:

^_^ thanks!

Fun dress-up

These rtypes are always somewhat interesting, but they can be even better with some extra stuff going around, so ill probably suggest abit more, but thats for later, but it is an interesting entry and hope to see some improvments later,
So ok this was not a bad game, i am pretty fond of these types of games, i love doing these dress-up types, and seems like you have added alot, they do have some good variaty here, it could use more items, especiallysome animated stuff aswell, and while the "BUTTON" method is cool and easy, it limits the way of creativity like "DRAG-DROP" can offer so thats something to think about aswell. And while i do love reviewing stuff especially stuff like this, it must eventually come to an end, so i will finish up here shortly, but anyways you have a good entry here had some nice highlights about it, but could use some more to it aswell.

OK so here is where i add a few of my ideas and suggestions, you have a decent entry here but could use a few details and extras to take it farther then before, so dont take these ideas lightly as they are stuff that will help to improve on a decent idea already, OK so this game could use the Drag and drop method over the one you have now, and the reason i say that, is because itallows for more creative direction and allows for more random creations so that is for sure someting to think about adding here. This game could use more items more stuff to use, but not just the normal either, you can add lots more variaty and you can add some animated and more random and unique styles through out, it will make for a much better dress-up game. Dress-up games are great but you kind of want to give them the sense that you are there so maybe some related backrounds would be a nice touch maybe you could have a few buttons that would swithc on and off a few differant related backrounds of sorts.

rhys510 responds:

Waw thanks i love reading these long reviews, they keep me from giving up and such XP