Reviews for "The True War Story"


please make more but it could be alittle bit more logical and could of been more funny and could of been more in the since of realism in there

MegaJamesStudios responds:

You want logic and realism... in a cartoon. That's like wanting rainbows and ponies in an episode of Law and Order.

this is awesome

funny, well writen, the animation was fairly good, and the voice was also pretty good


this was very funny nice job

nice job!

animation was great bro! I really liked this video! it was really funny! the only thing i could say you could improve is the sound quality! its kind of echoy. i could recommend some echo cancellation equipment in the room your recording in. or just record yourself under a blanket, its a cheap solution to the echo issue!


I think the current low rating doesn't reflect how good the movie was. The animation isn't FANTASTIC, but the humour and atmosphere more than makes up for it. Great job.