Reviews for "Chat Bot Maker v2"

it wont talk back to me why

Cool chat bot maker but can you make a list of the published bots plz

how do you

publish a bot

Good Idea

I like the idea of a GUI for making chat bots, since most other methods require a working knowledge of AIML or some other language. You may want to look into sub-string parsing as a means of allowing a bot to respond to a question even if it is not typed exactly as it was set in GUI. It would also be cool if you had some kind of general knowledge database set up so that bots could share relevant questions with each other, so even a new bot would have a basic set of questions and responses. Overall keep up the good work!

SadLittleEgg responds:


No fun

Why would I want to speak to myself? I rather go talk to an experienced clever bot that already have answers. In the beginning I also couldn't insert anything else but the welcome text :s The idea might be fun, but for me it was boring.

SadLittleEgg responds:

If you dont like it, why did you played it?