Reviews for "Chat Bot Maker v2"

Very nice.

It's a pretty good idea, coding a new chat bot and creating questions and answers too. However, some problems can occur when saving and sharing your own chat-bots...

1. Whatever question the user types has to be EXACT and SPECIFIC, otherwise it won't respond at all.

2. To someone else, it may appear as if it's actually communicating with another user (Cleverbot for example) but to the person who created the bot...it's just a program they coded and they can't really do much with it other than amuse other users with it.

3. Even though it responds to your questions, it doesn't have much to offer. No funny remarks, because you didn't code it to do so, no little smilies or emoticons (although, you could type it anyways), because you didn't code it to do so, and no expressive interaction with the user...once again, because you didn't program it to do so.
However, this is only a first attempt into programming a flash which allows users to create and code their chat-bots and it's very impressive, but it does show that more work and effort needs to be placed in should this project succeed.

I'll keep track on what happens with it and see if it goes anywhere for the moment, but for now...it's looking pretty good for the first time.

SadLittleEgg responds:

Thanks for review. I will try to make it better.