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Reviews for "TOME Episode 01"

This is absolutely amazing!

I grew up on the series, probably the first flash series that came up on, back when the first season and parts of second were coming out phrozenflame or something just as old! And when i heard the series was being dropped, i got a little depressed... the sprite series were old school genius! hands down, TTA is a classic and whats fabulous about it... is that it's coming back stronger, better, with voices, oh tis a happy day! I love how the characters have changed, definitly better (the old ones were awesome still =D) What would be extra icing on the cake was if the sprite TTA series could be squeezed in a little into the op or credit sequence. something of a visual tribute to the original classic... ehe! love this series, thank you kirb!

been a while

now i don't write reviews unless i need to but anyway,

nice animation can't wait to see story play out great to see youve gotten back into the animating saddle :P
your technique has improved congratz

*insert fan girl scream*

I have been waiting so long for this re-make. Those of you who haven't gone through the original seasons don't know how awesome this is gong to be. I recommend watching them if you haven't.

A great, enjoyable voice cast, cool music, and an awesome story make this show very worth the watch.

Though, I'm curious. Besides, maybe, <dot>hack, what other influences helped to make this fictional MMO?

great. Don't thy get fresh