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Reviews for "TOME Episode 01"

FLAMEGIRL is not what are you think...
actually, she is only a SOUL
who named KERELINE...

I just read Egoraptor s review of this. Wow, I cannot believe I ever looked up to him. What a fucking dick.
Great series Kirb!

love it, but one thing i noticed for some reason this looks different than the youtube version

this is a good series, I watched the last part of it and had no clue what was happening lol now all is explained :)

I found this via Egoraptor's dickish comment, overly-critizing this piece.
Pretty ironic that his first flash's are exactly comprised of everything he was whining about in terms of this flash.
There's nothing wrong with this.
Shading on the characters would have helped, but other than that, there's nothing wrong with this shit.
I'm glad Bangs McGee is gone. For one of NG's top producers, he doesn't need to be raining shit advice on others, not at least in the same words he used. Really disrespectful, and blatantly disingenuous.