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Reviews for "TOME Episode 01"


It was really well done and well edited. Yeah it wasn't as good as a normal TV show but its a flash video so of course it isn't going to be the best in the world. Great characters, great plot-line and just everything about it is awesome! Good job! Hope to see the next episode!

Yes, just yes.

Great job, mans, and one chick.

Episode 2?

whens the next episode coming out is the a release date?


that person below who gave you a 1 is stupid. this was the most amazing clip I've seen in ages...i'm soooo stoked for the second episode! congrats! i was a little unsure when i clicked on this, but it was so worth the 10min watch...the battle scenes could be a bit more...how do i say, "cooler moves?" yeah....besides that just wonderful sir

yeah, um...

Egoraptor, i love you and your flash but... you seriously dont get this animation. you are comparing this to something much better, which of course makes it look worse by comparison... also think for a moment, the humor wasnt good because it (other than some light humor) isnt there to begin with, you are a genious but look at this closley and you will see what it trully is, plus the voices were awesome ya have to admit that. and i am being compleatly honest, i LOVED the characters especially, rockoon, alpha, and nylocke. this is one of the best animations i have ever seen actually its better than some of your animations!