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Reviews for "Kainé Absolution"

Wow! It's been quite a while. I thought you were gone!

Solid work, as always. Very melodic, very beautiful sounding. I'm not a fan of dubstep, but this song was too good for me to pass on. Great job! Glad to hear another song from you!

NemesisTheory responds:

I'm never gone! I'm always around haha. Very busy, so not a lot of time to make music, but I'll always reply to PM's and emails and all the things. :)

Thanks a lot! It's heartwarming to hear so many people already say 'even though it's dubstep and not really my thing, I still really like it!' -- But that's partly due to the source, I think. It's just that good. :)

Oh a new song from a favourite…
Let's see…
NEMESISTHEORY!?!? AND IT'S A NIER REMIX!?!? *Faints a little*

I wasn't expecting Wubs tho. Took me by surprise, and I like it. They meshed with the vocals pretty well.

Good to have you back. :)

NemesisTheory responds:

YAY! Surprising to see a few Nier players here! Whenever I talk about this game to friends on&in real life they're like, huh, what's that? A kidney? (only funny if you're dutch, I'm sorry, it's the dutch word for kidney xD).

Anyway thanks! <3

Oh my god, a NieR remix. Also, someone else who played NieR. Playing Drakengard 3? You should be/have. Not quite as good as NieR on the music on normal levels, but the bosses are right up there.

Anyway, great mix, and I don't even like dubsteb that much... or at all, really. And I still like this.

NemesisTheory responds:

No, I haven't even heard of Drakengard 3! Feel free to PM me about it! I'm already intrigued haha. I did hear Nier is sort of based in the Drakengard universe, but I have no idea what that series is. ;_;

Thanks a lot! I'm happy you enjoyed it <3

just released a demo of my new song "flossy skylight." check it out please and let me what is wrong /right with it. I know the intro could use some work but sincerely let me know what I could besides the alternate vocals/bass work :D

NemesisTheory responds:

I'll check it out once I get some sleep! Long day @ work haha, I'm completely broken right now. ;-)

This is really well done. Not really my genre, but I enjoyed it. I've never heard the original song, but if it's anything like this, I might have to check it out. The vocals are also quite good. My only complaint is that I feel like the vocals could use a bit more reverb. The dryness seems out of place at times, especially at the "ah's". But again, I've never heard the source material, so perhaps that's an element you were trying to replicate.

Been a while since I've listened to one of your songs. Glad I stumbled across this.

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks! It really keeps making me smile to hear from people who aren't really into the genre that they still like these mixes. The original is even better, honestly. There's two versions, Kainé Escape (the source) and Kainé Salvation which is the sad version of it. Really heartbreaking version.

I'll have to look into the reeverb! I can still go back and fix things luckily and I'll let ppl know if I updated the track accordingly. :)

Thanks for listening, the feedback & the review! <3