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Reviews for "Kainé Absolution"

wow, this is amazing, such a nice melody, solid growls, gotta love the vocals.
- Pandasticality

this is WONDERFUL!! its like watching final fantasy advent children for the first time...EVERY TIME!! please keep them coming

Whenever I see a new song by NemesisTheory it feels like christmas. :D

This is a really cool song! I never played this NieR, and this is the first time I've heard of it, but even so, this is really good!

It seems to be missing body at some parts, as if missing mids, with just vocals and wubs. I think some glitch beat orchestra or choir for background would do really nicely.

The vocals really stand out! They are really clear on top of everything else; and has big studio quality!

Wish this has your awesome synth solo in it, but it is not necessary. I love this song.

great work.... fan of dubstep but this melodic tune made listen to it for hours :p