Reviews for "Song Of Skyrim"

Instant classic

Really well, done only thing that seems a little off was the pace. It seemed to speed through this section(see below), I understand that you wanted to get all the ideas in with losing the epic feeling but, it seemed a little forced. But nonetheless great animation.

"Use perks just like in Fallout
Defend the family that you've reared
Kill dragons just by shouting
You can even have a beard"

I wonder how many people will be asking for mp3 to it. 9 first day then 25 the second then the world. No I'm getting ahead of myself, but catchy song.

Nice shout out to your previous work in the background.

mmmm skyrim

also to Ericho

I really hope youre trolling about never hearing of skyrim before...

cause it comes out at midnight

*fap fap fap*

I love Skyrim

A song of nerds and lovers of elder schrolls

Why wouldn't I give this a 10/10?



Cobra Commander approves this film.