Reviews for "Song Of Skyrim"


This animation was truly great, dude. The song was catchy, the animation went well with it, the voices and lip movements were synced very well, and the guy singing wasn't that bad. :P Skyrim is a great game, and if it doesn't have a theme song, it most certainly does now! I look forward to more from you in the future.

I love Skyrim

This flash is great, but instead of playing it you should have been playing Skyrim!

Almost as good as the game itself!

I love Skyrim, lost countless nights of sleep.
Im am looking like a homeless pearson!

Good Animation

The song is pretty lame though, I must say :(

Amazing job... again!

I've never bothered reviewing your flashes before because they're just completely spot-on every time. Your animation's flawless and you always seem to have great voice acting in your submissions. I tip my hat to you, sir, on yet another impeccable flash creation.

If there is anybody out there who doesn't know Happy Harry: for shame.