Reviews for "Song Of Skyrim"

Its great!

Its so full of truth of how people play games to get away from their boring lives and shows how awesome animation can be. I'm definitely going to buy this game and this was such a laugh I hope for more in the future! :D


And don't worry about the file size; the relatively short wait was well worth it. Besides, we're used to waiting for crap here, so this was a nice change.

Coolest video I've seen in a while.

Quite different from what I expected.

I thought this was the NG Version of the Skyrim video you had posted on YouTube a few months or years or whatevers ago. This isn't half bad, just not what I was hoping for. Still great work though. You stuff is something I've started to grow very fond of. Keep it up!

Fantastic from start to finish!

You've done yet another fantastic job, Mr. Partridge.
Any chance for a third installment of the musical Skyrim trilogy?

Hilarious and good art as always.

Personally, I'm looking forward to Skyrim. It looks so badass that it can't be contained in one sentence. This song is funny, well made and I want it. I'm gonna mic spam this on XBL for sure.