Reviews for "the Engineer"

liamdude619, same but there is a button
to press in the bottom corner and it goes away, i belive. but if you click it it gives u options! I was stuck.

Anyway, its GOOD

it happen to me too liamdude619 but i dont know if the game is good or not ill give it a 5/10

Its stuck at the screen that says the engineer and has the guy on it i have the latest flash please help

let see the robot in the end scene are : r2d2 and 3po from star wars , bender from futerma,
the sex robot is from heavy metal 2000 movie ,starving Marvin from the hitchhiker guide for the Galaxy,
wall-e from walll-e,one is the robot from Doctor who, and the last one i don't know . anyone ???

simply awesome !