Reviews for "the Engineer"


Awesome, but last level it's insane


The game was pretty good. The plot was interesting and the gameplay an awesome mix of strategy, tower defense, and action. Adding a level editor was genius. However, there were still some parts of the game I didn't like.

Picking up the scraps that dropped from enemies was a hassle. I had to get out there, go through all the enemies, tank until I had almost no hp left, then make my way back to my medic station, hopefully not dying. Maybe you could automatically get all the metal, or make a magnet upgrade/tower?

The game was a little repetitive. Basically, on each level, you make a medic station, put towers protecting it, get metal from crap killed by said towers, and build around terminals so that you have enough time to hack it. All the same, the difficulty of this probably makes you forget about how slightly recurring it is.

Finally, why do the robots never hit the towers? I realize that if they were able to, the game would be much, MUCH harder. However, the addition of tower hp will discourage medic camping and will let the player be more interactive with the towers. Maybe you should give towers extremely high health, or add an ammo system?


I found the game fun. I've spent far too much time playing and building levels.

I had no glitches, a little lag but only on the tailor made starfortress and there was sooo much going on there...

I agree with an earlier review that it seems far too easy and then the last stage is quite a bit more challenging. I think some of the later stages were too easy and could use a few more helicopters or something to break the hide/heal/attack strategy... I don't know was fun man. Thanks for making it.

@Flamewolf393 try upgrading your armor ASAP and putting down a health pad somewhere.

great game

dont blame the game if ur fucking computer sucks


i cant even type something im amazed with the work!!!!