Reviews for "the Engineer"

Make a quality setting

My computer froze when i played it. it took like 10 seconds just to shoot once. 15 to close the window afterwards.


I DID IT! I fucking killed that fucking helicopter Christ, after trying picking all the scrab and maximize rocket and armor, maximiza armor and build 4 rocket rurrets, maximize armor and build piercing and machinegun turrets, build rocket turrets and heal and pick the scrab of each corner for turns I DID IT! just making a square at the center of light machine guns and it fucking worked!

Well, just to say that ir needs more improvement, scrab is too limited in each level and you know what will you can reach to build and it's almsot more efficient invest in light turrets than other type.

Very good

Nice gameplay and graphics but I think that it needs more gaming possibilities, like more things to do in the game...7/8


the helicopters r very annoying in survival which is best deal with them i had 4 rocket turets maximised and still took forever to kil them

Unusable game

This game was good when I was able to use it, but I can't use the game and I have the latest version of flash player.