Reviews for "the Engineer"


Graphics almost couldn't be better, awesome. Voice acting's a little meh, but it's nice that it's there instead of just text. Music is kinda depressing... Gameplay is a cool combination of shooter and TD, it's like playing both smashed into one game. Interface is simple and easy to use, I like how everything freezes when you open it. One thing that would've been cool is if having terminals actually did something, like maybe the more you had, the better upgrades you could get for your character, and one minor complaint is that you can't see the little scrap on some backgrounds

Really good game

This is a awesome game that you should play.
It's so awesome that they should make the engineer 2!

Great game

Except the game machanics were a little unbalanced. The rate at which new bots spawn after a few minutes was way too high, especially in the later levels. Contrasting to this, it was far too easy to simply hole up somwhere with a large amount of firepower guarding the entrance and just sit there for ages, at which point there is a enough scrap metal lying around to rebuild the Titanic. But I couldn't use any of it, because I was stuck in my little corner, unable to expand due to the flood of robots moving around, unable to make a break for other terminals because five seconds of being outside left me with almost no HP. Apart from this, it's very addictive.

I can't beat the last friggin level...

That is way too much open space, and way too many OP'd (overpowered) robots. There should be a system where you hold on to key items like one weapon/item to carry over to the next level. That or have some more starting scrap available in the final stage.

Overall I liked the game a lot, i liked watching the combat robots walk into a gauntlet of EMP generators and onslaught of weapon turrets! ^w^

Good Game

I really enjoyed the game. Survival mode is extremely hard!