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Reviews for "Sticky Ninja Academy"

Not too bad

The gameplay is fun, I bet I'd love it on an iPad/Phone. The physics seem a bit rough though. Like, the ninja's jump and trajectory don't quite correspond to the little dotted projection line (which is something that would have been a great optional feature on Angry Birds) and, admittedly, I played up to the tenth level and got frustrated... but other than that you've put together a fun and challenging little time-killer! In short, bad physics can kill a physics game.


gets kind of boring after a while. sort of the same thing over and over again. needs a little flare.

good...except 4 1 thing...

If you land next to some spikes...you come back...NEXT TO THE SPIKES! SO you're stuck in a death sequence...woohoo! Other than that glitch...IT'S AWESOMEMEMEME!

Awesome Game


pretty cool