Reviews for "Budgimation Collection"


It was pretty cool, yo!
You shoulda chucked in that 3D Mario thing you did.
Very nice. :>

Budj responds:

eat a duck


Man, it's been a while since I've been on Newgrounds. I guess the people here and how things are on this site left somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth. However, I am very excited and happy that you sent me this link. This stuff is so pro. I wanna say you're light years ahead of me in Maya, but hey, you're in school and I'm fairly certain you've been working your Australian buns off lol. Please do keep up the good work and continue working hard....man I've gotta catch up! :J
Be Blessed!

Joshua Johnson(Angel-JXJ)

Very nice! Watched the house thing at least 43556t56558543355tgrfhgfvb5t4532ewdsh fyfgfgvc times..

Great Set

Great set of projects nicely done, Great Attention to detail. Thanks for sharing.


I know it probably takes up a ton of space in a fla, but that 3D intro reel should seriously be in all your movies, canter.