Reviews for "Bad Eggs Online 1.5"

It's a really great game. I love the whole thing with the sheer size of weapons, eggs and badges you can unlock. the only thing I HATE is that being prestige resets almost everything!!!!!!! This is a bad idea prestige shouldn't make you restart with eggs and badges change this and I think this game is a true 5/5

RobAlmighty responds:

Prestige mode is a recent feature that we've added in response to players who wanted it. It gives those players who reach level 80 but still want to have the fun of leveling up and completing challenges something to aim for. If that's not for you then that's fine, just don't prestige.

account dissapeared

awsome content but needs a lot of new wepons for my taste

It's ok. but im not gonna earn Credits. Why buy?

great game love the awesome arsenal