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Reviews for "Jesterous"

I have to say that by this track, this puts you as the favorite in the group to move on. Very impressed with the production and energy of this. I can tell this is going to be tough no doubt, but I'm looking forward to it :)

PirateCrab responds:

Sir, are you mad? When I listened to your track, all I could feel was raw, powerful emotion. Something I can't really achieve with my style! This group alone will be tough, let alone the rest of the competition. Much respect pal and best of luck!

Hey, don't worry if you do end up against classical or something, not all judges hate metal, in fact we had a really good chat about melodic death metal yesterday. ;)

Great sound and mixing, really cool riffs too. I love the change around 2:10.

PirateCrab responds:

Haha maybe not but I reckon it'll still be a challenge! Good to know that metal won't be a washout then ;)

Thanks a lot though pal! The change around is a complete first for me in using cleans so I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


5/5 - One of the best metal sounds I've heard. Production is top notch. What do you plug those guitars into?

Anyway, superb material!

PirateCrab responds:

Eyyyyyyyyyy what a guy! Many thanks dude :D

They're plugged into a Pod HD 500 which runs straight into my DAW. Bit of EQ'ing and a tad reverb added and that's that. Worth the time spent figuring it out though!

Awesome song! It sounds a little like Periphery meets Vildhjarta but with a little more groove. The guitar tones are excellent too.

Great track!

PirateCrab responds:

Thanks dude, two of my biggest influences! I'm pretty sure you can hear the Vildhjarta influence at 1:57, then Tesseract after with the cleans haha! Thall.

OMG you fucking pirate! I hope not to go against you, if I pass through the auditions. This is too much man... it's just depressing.
It's also good though :D

I <3 U
no homo
maybe a little homo


PirateCrab responds:

Always homo <3 If we do end up against each other, you'll have to slap fate in the dick haha! I do hope I'm up against other rock/metal artists though rather than classical and stuff if I do get through, otherwise I stand no chance!

Best of luck pal!