Reviews for "Quarter Bit"

The second I saw this was a chiptune I had to turn it up and give it a listen.
I am beyond glad I did, you've definitely done an incredible job and this is awesome.
So much generic dubstep around, this is unique, original, and a CHIPPY FFS.

LOVE. 5 thumbs up!

spark717 responds:

Thank you so much! =D

it's.... beauty.... *crys*

More please, Im still hungry!

awesome tune! gotta love chip sounds, i used some of them in my latest song, their so fun to work with, love your melody work, congratz on the frontpage btw!
- Pandasticality

I think I've heard some Touhou and Guile's Theme in there.


spark717 responds:

Ha, and I've never even played Touhou before.