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Reviews for "-= Shadowframe =-"

oh my!!!

TheBiocide responds:

Heheheheh ;)

Really really goooodd! damn i can't wait for the next one!! ^w^

TheBiocide responds:

Me either, buddy! Glad this one's good company in the mean time ;)


This.... I love it. Man, DnB is overused these days. It gets really annoying, but you, I can listen to your stuff all day. Great job!

TheBiocide responds:

Man, you have no idea how awesome it is to hear that ;)

Big love! <3

My brothaaaaa. Gah, haven't posted a damn thing in like a year, drop a free track, blow my drums with this awesome ear candy lol. Superb man, per usual, I shall have to add this to my NG list with the rest of yours I have =] Glad to see ya homie, keep up the killer work. This song may have come a long way through production, but you yourself have increased 10 fold and continue to do so. <3

~In Dub We Step My Friend, Until We Meet Again~
-Riggz Rukus

TheBiocide responds:

WOOOO!!! A tune wouldn't be complete without feedback from RiggzRukus!!! Seriously loving the feedback, man - as usual ;)

Many, many things on the way! I say it a lot, but only because it's true!


Cheers, and much love <3

Hah that 2 bar switch up caught me off guard.
As usual though sexy sounds
Like i said almost a year ago, make more Dnb, it sounds fuckin sexy.

TheBiocide responds:

Much love, man!!! <3 Glad you're feelin' it!!!