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Reviews for "Are You Afraid?"

Upbeat whilst a little spooky. PERFECT. Definitely like this. Could be an intro song for a cartoon pertaining to monsters of some sort. I love it. Great job, the two of you. Extremely talented, can't wait to see more from you pair.

This. All of this. I love this. fjasoifjdsoiajfdoisjafoij.

ZipZipper responds:

No, I love you. hjkadhsjkdhjdhasjm.

I was wondering when you two would team up.

2 Great steam punk composers joining forces, how much better can it get :D
Good luck to you guys in the NGADM hope you guys get far!

With the two of you teaming up, is there any doubt that you'll be the heavy favorite to make it to the finals for this year's NGADM? Great job to both of you and good luck!