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Reviews for "Adapt1"


Took a while for me to learn what the percentiles were but when I did, I actually got out of the hundreds. Great concept, and also the music fit the theme. Reminded me somehow of paper mario's ICE Level

Surprisingly Fun

I was quite surprised and impressed by this game. For how simple it is, it has quite the addictive factor and high replay value. It feels like a "perception check" type game as you have to judge where the box is lined up and hope you don't hit a wall. The only thing I questioned was what exactly the percentages were. For example, I went through a wall at a speed of 5 and almost fit it perfectly but only had a percentage rating of 85% or so. I would assume the percent is how much of the space between the walls was filled, but is it also factoring in the speed at which you're moving?

Overall, great game. It's simple enough to quickly understand yet doesn't get drull and monotonous quickly. And I had no problem with the controls being the arrow keys instead of the WASD setup...some people just need to learn to "Adapt"

NoLanLabs responds:

Thank you for the kind words. Honestly I don't understand why the percentages are off either; I threw this together in one day and Flash was acting a little weird. At least they're fairly consistent.

WARNING - you may be addicted to this ;-)

Not a real warning of course, I just wanna let you know that this game has way more to offer then you may notice at the first view.

You have to stay focused all the time, watch your speed, watch your size, watch your movement - whoops, a wall! >crash<
So may flashgames nowadays concentrade only on the looks and don't care much for the gameplay. Well, this one here is the opposite!
There's not much animation (the only reason why I didn't give 10 points btw), but the game itself is so simple to learn and yet hard to handle - it's a true challenge!

The music-score of this game is outstanding for me, sounds as if John Carpenter himself composed it!
We played a post-apocalyptic Pen-and-Paper-RPG the other day and I actually let the PC run in the background with this song playing - fits perfect for the atmosphere I wanted to create!

Please give Adapt1 a try, it's worth your time. Thx for creating & upping this, NoLanLabs!

liked it

Interesting concept

NoLanLabs responds:

Great to hear.

Nice game u have here

So here was a nice game I like the simplest mode of this it's a good and simple game I think it's too simple at times but it was a good one maybe think of ways to make it more exciting like some bonus room or something you could earn double points or something

Ad some bonus game or room