Reviews for "Sota"

great game

its a really good game but like how it works but its a bit easy in my opinion but at the same time i found it addicting

makes you think

It makes you think since on some of the stages you have a small amount of stations, but after awhile it becomes simple i got 100% on all of them


The description of the game sounded super boring. So boring in fact, that I decided to play it just to see what the big deal was. And then I was hooked. The 40 levels actually go by pretty fast once you get the hand of it. I got 100% on everything. Very well programmed.

nice idea

i liked it ..awesome idea ..5/5

bad thing that its fast puzzle ..but really awesome one ^^

hopeing for 2nd part

Just the kind of game that I love!

You took a simple concept and were able to develop it into a very fun and entertaining game. Now THAT'S geinus. While I agree that some level were way too easy, I had a great time playing the game and that's what counts.

If you ever make a version 2, I would suggest adding new songs to harder levels. You could also make some kind of plot, where you play an engineer planning the cellular network of a city - and, of course, as you advance, so does the graphics and the sounds.

So far, this is very good. Congratulations!