Reviews for "Sota"

Good game

Sorry to tell you this but your grammar is Bad in the description. All your base are belong to us.

Well made.

A good game, made simply, in an entertaining way. My only complaint is that I beat it all too quickly. Overall, a good time consumer, and a good way to chill and think.

i like it

it is a really good game but i agree with other reviews, it is really easy i like the concept though, keep it up.

and to the people who keep rating it zero just cause you can't play, it's not the creator's fault and you haven't even played it, how can you rate it?


not bad

its a good idea of a game, tough i agree with killergoonie's opinion... keep up the good work, don't give up!

good game but,

this is a really good game. i got 100% on almost all the levels in the end. only problem i have is that the game itself is a little to easy. i mean i beat the game within 10 mins then i went through trying to get 100% on all of them for almost 7 mins. it's a really cool puzzle game and i hope you make more but make them a lil bit harder. so over all really good game love the music and love the actual gameplay. hope to see more from you.