Reviews for "Sota"


i just felt a bit challenged after 30th lvl

more lvls for the next one it...if its gonna be one

Fun bite-sized game

Surprisingly interesting, given that the game is about setting up cellular network base stations... Really fun, but gets a little repetitive after playing a dozen levels.

nice idea

i liked it ..awesome idea ..5/5

bad thing that its fast puzzle ..but really awesome one ^^

hopeing for 2nd part

Nice Idea

I Liked it sumthing different. Hope to see more from u

Easy, but simple and good mechanics

The principe is quite easy to understand, but I haven't seen that much games who use light scattering as a gameplay, and it was at least entertaining enough for some minutes with is 40 levels.
Levels were easy, certainly because there's only one thing to do... but for a second project in solo, I think it deserve well a good rate.