Reviews for "Sota"

Simplicity Cells!

A simple yet fun game. Who knew delivering cell service was so easy. A few clicks here, few clicks there and you are raping millions on roaming charges. The graphics are simple but clean. Level designs range from short bus friendly to I need to buy a new monitor because the mouse lives in it now. Not really anything bad about this game but nothing groundbreaking either. Worth about thirty minutes of your life or if you need a break from Skyrim. I literally see shit attacking me when I close my eyes.

Not bad

Great concept but a little to easy


This game is awesome! It only uses one simple concept, so what has to work is the level design, and it does. It also does what any good game does, teach the player the base concept, then add upon it. By then end, I wasn't frustrated by the difficulty since the game had built up to it. I would love to see more games like this!


The game idea is original, which is something you rarely see here in Newgrounds, and the music... Is really good, goes well with the enigmatic feel of the game. The only bad thing about this game is that it's too east and short. Either that or we're all too smart haha.

Very interesting concept

The mechanics of this game are awesome and very original. The only problem is that I found it a little too easy.