Reviews for "Sota"


This was both addicting and somewhat challenging. Agreeing with the folks though that some levels are too easy and man, that last level is rough. Had fun though. Only problem I noticed was that sometimes I had trouble deleting a misplaced tower. Not sure if this was just my computer failing though so I'm not deducting points for that. :D

Great game! Nice and original

I rarely review games. But when I do, I prefer to rate based on originality. lol. Anyways, fantastic job, great idea, great execution. ogirinal concept. What else ca you ask for?

Too easy, don't really see a point?

The game was really easy but I gave up at around the 24th level because I just didn't see a point in playing. None of the mechanics seemed to be broken so it's good in that aspect but I just didn't see any appeal to actually playing the game.

Simple and intriguing

I really enjoyed the game concept. I feel as though the simplicity of the gameplay added to the experience, and that the absence of instructions was acceptable as well it forced the user to discover the game mechanics on their own.

The music as well was fitting and did not distract the user from the game, but created a deliberate ambiance that fit perfectly with the rest of the game.

My only complaints are that the game was rather easy--none of the levels made me really stop and think to solve them--and that there was zero replay value. However, neither thing detracted from my enjoyment of the game and I consider playing it time well spent! 5/5 9/10

very addictive

the game didnt need instruction's, it was so simple to catch on but still remained complicated nearing the end. not too easy not to hard overall great game