Reviews for "Sota"

Cool and Creative

the whole "paper" theme is nice.. you feel lonely when youre playing though.. i think its the simcity music in the background though... xP

Bit easy, interesting concept

Lots of the levels could be solved the same way. The difficulty only posed a challenge in the last few levels. A bit more variety would have been nice.

Still a good, fun game though.

Pretty fun game! But...

Is it even possible to get one hundred percent on level 30? I've tried it so many times, and I just can't get 100! It's driving me absolutely bonkers!

Oh no!

Sadly, the game didn't work for me, it loaded and I saw the ad's and stuff, but the screen just sat on the crumpled white paper, I waited for five minutes and still no activity, sorry for the low rating but it's disappointing to have a game catch you're eye and then figure out it doesn't work :(
-Lil Ryder

Relaxing music with mind blowing lights :)

Why there aren't more games like these, all now are in these days shooting or driving :(