Reviews for "Sota"

Good concept. Could be bigger and better.

It was fun, but it's a little too easy with a basic concept of geometry. I'd like to see more levels like the last, or, maybe make some levels where you can't cover everything and you have to pick and choose to reach a certain percentage, say, 60%. That would create some much needed variety. Thanks for the fun!

Not bad

It's a little to easy and boring, this game is for girls couse don't need logic ant all : D meow

Well done

I enjoyed this game, and played it til the end.

I felt like some of the levels were too easy though, and the levels didn't really get harder as they progressed.

Well done :)

nice job!

i like the concept! It's nothing that i've seen before, and it makes for a great puzzle game, but there should probably be a little bit more difficulty to it. Build on the levels a bit and i think that you will go pretty far in the rankings with this one!


I really like the idea! It seems to me that it's completely original! I liked that a lot, my only qualm would be that it wasn't difficult enough...