Reviews for "Sota"

loved it! :D
was a little tricky when i first started but i caught on and really got interested in it :)
Thanks for making it :D

I liked it but I found it too easy.

Was a bit too easy for my taste. Half the levels you could just put two in a corner then fill in the rest with another. There was never really any problem solving, it was just putting them in random places until the level supposedly completed.

Still a good concept and design.

Excellent little game, I love the idea. Reminds me of a java applet I saw demonstrating wave diffraction, which could be a neat feature to put into your game, if you can be bothered with it. I'm not sure how complex it would be to code.

Nice little mind bender.

I like it =)

This game is really good !
The papery look is really good, it feels like the kind of game you could do yourself when you're bored at school !
The music is good too, relaxing and challenging in a way, if you see what I mean.
Although, it's true that it's quite easy.
Also, I don't know if I'm the only one in that case, but sometimes when I click to add or remove an emitter, every so often, I have that glitch that makes another one appear instantly.
Apart from that, I would love you to add some levels, this game is really good !