Reviews for "Sota"

Fun, short, easy.

The game play is simple and it is very fun, but waaay too short. Reached the last level without realizing it was the last level, and none of them were very challenging. Great game, though, and a good time killer, to say the least. 5/5, 9/10.


This would be a good intro for a lighting lesson for film!

fun but easy

I lol'd at level 31...I always knew the forces of chaos were involved with Cell phone coverage.

Not that special

Cool idea but for a game I beat every single level on the first try and if not it took only one or two times to replace the antenna. You just need to figure out some more features and something else to make it more challenging.


What a beautiful little game!
Soothing and modest design, easy to comprehend (altho hardly challenging) gameplay
soothing music
I would appreciate some level pack or something with hc difficulty :)
but good job overall
thank you 5 & 10