Reviews for "Sota"

i won

fun game, i goes on just long enough :D

"i like the game."

i enjoyed the game but the graphics hurt my eyes:)

I love the concept!

I quite enjoyed getting 100% on each level. Two things keep me from giving this a ten though; the game feels too short (Or at least for me, other people might take longer to solve these puzzles). The second problem is that to get 100% on a few levels, you have to be far too precise with your placement. It's kind of annoying, as you may have figured the puzzle out, but have to nitpick where you click within a few pixels. Maybe you could implement a system where if you click and hold, you can drag the network around to see where it covers? Otherwise, I loved the atmosphere the music created, and the style was simple but likeable, a nice interface for this type of game.

Overall, I would love to see a sequel, and two great improvements would be to lengthen the game, and factor in human error a little when it comes to precision with mouse placement.

Pretty easy

I managed to get 100% on all lvls within about 20 minutes of gameplay. It was fun nonetheless, but difficulty rises a bit slow. Most time lost was usually spent on trying to find that missing last 1%. Just undoing all the signals and replacing them sometimes helps you achieve the last 1%. To anyone having trouble with this game, most if not all puzzles can be solved by placing a signal in a keypoint that requires it the most, first. This simplifies the puzzle for you.

Fun game all in all.

It's fun

It's a fun game, but it needs to be a lot longer.